2021 GCSA Great Practice: An atypical sustainable project on industrial communication, socialcollaboration and community revitalization -TCC DAKA Industrial Eco Park


The idea of TCC DAKA originated from TCC Chairman Nelson Chang’s ideal of mutual benefit between industry and community. He believes that a factory is not only a place where products are produced, it can be a leisure park, a classroom for passing on knowledge, and a museum for collecting artworks. It can be a new starting point for industry and society to create mutual value together.


TCC DAKA opened its service in Jan 2020 which marked a new page in industrial communication in Taiwan. In April 2020, DAKA attained the tourism factory certification from the Bureau of Industry of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and became the first large-scale industrial factory in Taiwan passing the review. In 2020, there were more than 2.5 million people visited TCC DAKA and the factory became in the top ranking of Hualien's most popular tourist and recreational area.


TCC DAKA marked a new relationship formed by the TCC Hoping plant and Hoping residents. In the past, seldom people know that there is a beautiful small village in north Hualien. After the operation of the Suhua highway and the opening of DAKA, there were reasons for people to stop in this village. Residents had more chances to interact with people from the outside world and were able to try self-own businesses to explore possibilities of a sustainable future.


TCC DAKA is a channel for the industry to initiate direct social dialogue and to demonstrate the possibility of social collaboration and a socio-ecological economy. Visitors will learn the secrets of circular economy and environmental protection as well as have fun and enjoy the natural views and local culture at the same time. Now the phase 2 of DAKA development is underway and TCC will keep dedicating itself to create a new value of symbiosis and prosperity between industry and community.