2021 GCSA Great Practice: Deeply Rooted in Communities for a Sustainable Future


Community Engagement” project is a combination of voluntary service and one of our core competencies- community building. The ability of community building result from project named We are ONE that is the longest and the largest corporate-supported project for community building since 2004. We are One project operates for 17 years in a row and has cumulated proposals covering 99.46% of Taiwan townships. Moreover, it is the only enterprise-run CSR project being recognized by the Presidential Culture Award in Taiwan.

The accumulated experience in community building has also become Sinyi's core competence. We have been focusing and cultivating in community for longtime. Following the experience, we started a project named “Community Engagement” for being good life promoter further in 2018. The project, is a support system, implemented by Sinyi workers for neighborhood. Activities correspond to the SDGs and be in line with the needs of community. Each branch can develop customized activities with local feature. By integrating branch and Sinyi’s core competency of promoting community building, we would like to achieve “Every branch has its unique story” – an exclusive appearance with local features.


In 2021, we will further connect our 17sustainable branches to 17 SDGs. Inheriting Sinyi's foundation of community cultivation, we call on like-minded partners to join us and to lead the society forward.