2021 GCSA Great Practice: CHT – Building Sustainable Low-carbon ICT Supply Chains


CHT procures software/hardware necessary for operation with more than NT$50 billion per year. Our strategy is to bridge ourselves to the international standards, combined with auditing and upgrades of our suppliers ‘sustainability, so as to elevate supply chain partners’ responses to the ESG and net-zero emissions trends, driving the sustainable competitiveness of the ICT industry.

Starting from 2008, CHT kicked off its “Supplier CSR Management Initiative” as the first domestic telecom operator that promoted supply chain CSR management. From Code of Corporate Social Responsibility for Suppliers, Supplier CSR Survey, Annual CSR Supplier Conference, and sustainable education & training to working with SGS for on-site audits to over 150 suppliers and ongoing participation in the CDP Supply Chain Program, it drives 300 suppliers in carbon management actions, elevating the sustainability of the supplier partners.

After 15 years of experiences, with the introduction of “ISO20400 sustainable procurement guidance”, CHT launched its “Supplier Sustainability Rating (Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Participation)”, implementing the idea of sustainability in products and services. Leveraging the buying power to the fullest, it leads its suppliers to build their ESG competencies, bridge to the global sustainable green trend, and create new low-carbon opportunities in sustainability.