2021 GCSA Great Practice: Bank BTPN Health Cadre - Senior Citizen Engagement in Health Education


The Bank BTPN Health Cadre Program is one of Daya–Bank BTPN’s programs which was developed based on the vision and mission of Bank BTPN.Our vision is to become the first choice bank in Indonesia, which can make a significant difference in the lives of million, especially with the support of digital technology. Moreover, one of our missions is to create sustainable and significant value for stakeholders, including Indonesian.

The program is Bank BTPN's innovation in providing health services to elderly customers with the aim of increasing elderly knowledge towards a clean and healthy lifestyle and increasing productivity through the provision of health services. This program was developed based on research results conducted by Bank BTPN in 2017 related with needs of the elderly which shown that there are 2 important things in the lives of the elderly, namely Connect&Sharing.

In this Health Cadre program, customers are invited voluntarily to become health service officers who can provide education, basic examinations, and health consultations to the elderly around them.To become a health cadre, selected customers will receive training on basic health, the elderly diseases, nutrition management, and use of simple medical equipment and consultation which is delivered by health workers and psychologists and supervised by the Ministry of Health.

Based on the results of measuring the impact of the program in 2020, there was a significant change in the lifestyle of the beneficiaries, 99.2%of customers have a good healthy lifestyle, 89.4%of customers have good knowledge related to elderly diseases and awareness of a healthy lifestyle increased by 23%.

This program is implemented by using ABCG(Academicians, Businesses, Communities and Government) approach involving multi-stakeholders, namely universities(University of Indonesia and Diponegoro University) , companies(PT.Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia), communities(BTPN elderly customers)and the government(Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia) .