2021 GCSA Great Practice: Asia Cement SBTi Project and Net-zero Emission


Asia Cement (ACC) continuously seek for innovation and changes in technologies, strive for reaching sustainable ESG goals for environmental sustainability, corporate governance and social prosperity.

Passing of Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) target setting. Became the fourth cement company globally in completing the setting of carbon reduction target and responding to the control of global climate temperature below 2°C(well-below).

On the basis of SBTi carbon reduction target, ACC established the internal carbon shadow price for reaching the target of carbon reduction, the measures for realizing the target of reducing carbon footprint, the analysis of low carbon technology and the required investment as the management tools to drive low-carbon investments and energy efficiency and GHG reduction.

ACC with GCCA committed that we would reach the vision of carbon neutrality for cement and concrete by 2050. Implement low-carbon transition plan include: carbon reduction in clinker production, carbon reduction in new cements, cement use strategies, and carbon capture and storage.

ACC set up the climate change management on the framework recommended by the TCFD and CDP.