2020 GCSA Outstanding Practice: AUO GreenArk Journey - From industry water optimizing to sustainable ecosphere

auo water

AUO has delved deeply into the issue of water resource for many years, from the introduction of "AUO Green Solutions" in 2008 to the current "EPS Sustainable Goals," optimizing the utilization of water resource. After 12 years of hard work, AUO's water consumption per input sheet substrate area has dropped significantly from 0.79 tons per square meter in 2007 to 0.35 tons per square meter in 2019, marking a reduction of 44%. In 2015, AUO used locally and independently-developed leading technology to become the only company in Taiwan to achieve the goal of zero wastewater discharge at its Longtan plant. Furthermore, the Company has set its Water 2020 goal to extend its experience in the value chain to cooperate with suppliers in conserving water. In 2017, AUO smoothly developed its technology into business opportunities by establishing the U-Fresh Technology company. This provides solutions for comprehensive output of water treatment and zero discharge of wastewater, bridging technology and the environment and sharing its values with the industry. 

In addition to management and technology transfers in regard to water resource, AUO is also committed to delivering the concept of water sustainability to the public. It has set up an education hall for water resource in the zero-drainage plant, and in 2018 it was additionally approved by Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration to obtain environmental education site certification. With this venue, it creates a partnership between enterprises and society to share and cherish water resources.