2020 GCSA Great Practice: DBS eco Credit Card


6 Billion payments cards are produced annually, typically made from PVC. These cards are replaced on average once every three to five years, with discarded cards contributing tons of harmful landfills waste globally. DBS with sustainability in its core looked deeply at how we can make start leading a change in sustainable payment by replacing non-renewable base PVC cards with eco-friendly alternatives. The concept might sound simple, but the execution is far from that as the sustainable and renewable card material have to comply with strict standards required to support secure, frictionless and ubiquitous payment standards of international card associations such as MasterCard while supporting iPass a Taiwan local eWallet which is largely used on public transit.      


Working with Thales one of the largest card manufacturer and smart chip suppliers globally, Polylactic Acid (PLA) was selected to be the go-to material for our DBS eco (everlasting care for one-earth) Card as it is not only a TUV certified sustainable material produces 68% lesser carbon footprint and uses 28% lesser energy consumption in production process when compared to traditional PVC. PLA also very importantly supports Taiwan local eWallet iPass as the card product should not only be made from sustainable and renewable material, the function the material supports should also drive eco-friendly behavior such as taking public transit. 


To further drive the spirit of sustainability, we introduced the DBS eco card with mission critical benefits supporting Taiwan Social Enterprises, eScooter charging, automobile sharing and public transit to reward eco-conscious consumers for their one-earth sustainable lifestyle choices.