2020 GCSA Great Practice: From Green Realtor to Green Societies


In recent years, the global effectiveness in reducing carbon emissions has not reached expectations, turning “climate change” into a “climate emergency”. In the face of such urgent challenges to the world, even though, the real estate industry is not a major producer of carbon emissions, Sinyi Realty has chosen to focus on the impact of climate change to fulfill its responsibility and obligations of global citizenship. The Board considers climate change as a material risk. In response to the SDGs, Sinyi has proposed six major sustainability principles, of which the environmental-oriented principle is “Pioneering environmental awareness in the service industry”. We have incorporated the concept of efficient use of world resources into our business operations, set management goals, strategies and action plans, integrated internal and external resources, raised environmental awareness and rehabilitating breeding activities, and conducted environmentally-related ISO verifications in order to enhance climate resilience, hoping to integrate the real estate industry with human power to resolve the “climate emergency” and also improve corporate competitiveness to achieve the 2030 mid-term strategic goals, thereby contributing to the human sustainability. 


In view of the global environmental trends, Sinyi has set out our environmental long-term, mid-term and short-term strategic goals and is committed to continuingly improve what we can do to achieve our goals. Since Sinyi’s carbon emissions of electricity consumption account for 91% of GHG emissions (category 1&2), we set the carbon emissions of electricity consumption per person as the performance indicator of our carbon management. So far, compared with 2010, we have already reduced carbon emission of electricity consumption by 37.93%. Since 2010, we have cumulatively reduced 26,977 tonCO2e. The cumulative reduction has reached 287% of the 2010 level. However, Sinyi Realty does not stop and will keep on taking actions. As a pioneer in the field of CSR, Sinyi not only continues to implement environmental protection actions, but also advocates CSR issues, hoping to lead the real estate industry to jointly protect our planet.