2020 GCSA Great Practice: Khoiruttakwa Community Project, Community Development Project for Sustainability according to the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy


Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) implemented community strengthening programs which were continuously implemented in accordance with MEA Sustainable Development Master Plan 2012-2016 and 2017-2021, consisting of 3 main activities:

1) Community Outreach Activities

2) Community Development Activities for Sustainability

3) Professional Electrician Activities

In 2016, Khoiruttakwa Community was one of the communities that MEA and the Faculty of Social Sciences Srinakharinwirot University operated to enhance and become sustainable community by planning, implementing, following up and evaluating performance with community in context of MEA. The objectives were to generate income, reduce costs, together with conserve the environment, maintain the community lifestyle and improve quality of life with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, details as follows: 2016 - 2017: Supporting catfish raising in cement ponds for consumption and for sale with a pond production of about 43 kilograms. With the support, the community could reduce household expenses from long distance traveling between community and the market in the amount of 11,920 baht per year, and gained income from the catfish sale of 6,960 baht per year. Moreover, the community has become a knowledge center of catfish breeding. There have been a lot of visitors from both public and private sectors, both from Thailand and other countries (Malaysia, India, Indonesia and etc.) who visited the community and learnt about the sufficiency economy and self-sufficiency lifestyle.

2018-2019: Supporting to install on-grid solar cell system in public areas by using organizational skills to expand sources of the renewable energy. The support helped the community save electricity costs in the installation area up to 40%. As a result, the community has been a learning center of sufficiency economy and renewable energy.