2020 GCSA Great Practice: Carrefour Taiwan cage free eggs impact


Animal welfare, environmental friendly, and health issues are getting more and more important. In recent years, the number of Cage-Free Egg brands found in Carrefour Taiwan has increased from three to twenty-three brands, and each of them adapts cage-free breeding entirely. Compared with 2018, the revenue of cage-free eggs in 2019 has grown 6% in Carrefour Taiwan; the market share has grown from 4% to 22%. 

Ally with NGO-national and international  

Carrefour Taiwan works with Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) to initiate Cage-Free Eggs. Apart from holding speeches, activities, and environmental education, Carrefour Taiwan and EAST also corporate to lobby the ACT of egg classification and established Cage Free Alliance (CFA). 

Open Wings Alliance (OWA), composed of 50 countries and 53 animal protection organizations globally, also praised Carrefour Taiwan’s action. In 2019, the director of Corporate Relation in OWA, Amy Odene, filmed a video, showing that she is surprised and admires what Carrefour Taiwan has done on promoting animal welfare. The vice president of Policy and Strategy in OWA, Aaron Ross, implies that the action will definitely cause a series of chain reaction in Asia in the future. 


The Characteristic of Carrefour Taiwan Cage-free Eggs 


After visiting various poultry framings, Carrefour Taiwan established its first cage-free eggs under private brand in 2019. What’s more interesting, when consumers open the box of eggs, on the package, they will see a letter from a cage-free hen: 


“Thank you for letting me fly again. Most of my partners, 37000000 hens in Taiwan, are jailed in narrow cages for the entire life; they have never stepped on the ground, not to mention opening their wings and cleaning their wings. Human beings deprive us of our nature and force us to lay eggs, rest, and even trample each other within a small cage anxiously. When opening the box of eggs, not only do you open my cage but also open your wellness and health.”What’s more, whenever a box of eggs is sold, one dollar will be donated by Carrefour. Until now, Carrefour Taiwan has donated around 80000.  


Firsthand communication is always the best way  

Carrefour Taiwan has exerted to communicate the importance of animal welfare with the public. In 2018 and 2019, Carrefour Taiwan participated in an exhibition which was held by TED Taipei. In the exhibition, the living environments of caged and cage-free hens were presented respectively; visitors can experience the life of a caged hen with their senses. After the activity, over 80% of the people participated are willing to support Cage-Free Eggs. 


Cross Broader Cooperation: a meaningful dessert 

In 2019, Carrefour Taiwan and EAST launched Matcha Egg Roll. The Egg Roll use not only cage-free eggs but also matcha powder from Tokyo, Japan. The Matcha Egg Roll was popular among consumers and even tourists, which means quality ingredients matter when it comes to purchasing food. What’s more, Carrefour’s effort was recognized by Tokyo government. The mascot of Tokyo Government-Matcha Prince-also came to Taiwan in person and recognized Carrefour Taiwan as the only charity partner to launch cage-free eggs together.