2019 GCSA Great Practice: L’Oréal Taiwan Promoting Women in Science Program


L’Oréal Taiwan Promoting Women in Science Program strives to support accomplished women scientists, reverse prejudice and stereotypes, and inspire a future generation of women students. According to data published by UNESCO, female scientists account for only 28% of the world’s scientists. L’Oréal believes gender balance in science will lead to greater innovation. L’Oréal Taiwan Promoting Women in Science Program aims to change the stereotypes and traditions that discourage women from entering into the field of science.

L’Oréal Taiwan encourages women to participate in science by supporting and recognizing outstanding women in the field of science. In 2007, L’Oréal Taiwan established the Taiwan Outstanding Women in Science (TOWIS) award which is Taiwan’s first and the only award recognizing outstanding women in science.  Since the establishment of the TOWIS awards, L’Oréal Taiwan has recognized 45 women, to demonstrate as role models for future generations of female scientists.

L’Oréal Taiwan Promoting Women in Science Program

L’Oréal Taiwan publishes, donates books, produces promotional videos, and sponsors events to raise awareness of woman making scientific achievements to inspire students to pursue their scientific dreams. L’Oréal Taiwan believes sharing woman scientist’s stories, their achievements, and their determination with the public will help reverse stereotypes towards woman’s role in science. TOWIS awards has released at least 614 media reports with the purpose of conveying to the public that women can make outstanding achievements and contributions in science.

Further to holding the annual TOWIS awards, L’Oréal Taiwan has collaborated with WCS Foundation for over 8 years to organize “Girls’ High School Science Forums” to encourage young women to consider perusing a career in science. The students participated in science Olympiads and interactive face-to-face forums with previous TOWIS winners. The project has reached approximately 8,000 students and according to post-event surveys, with nearly 60% of the girls who originally planned to pursue liberal arts majors expressed the desire to switch to or consider majoring in science. Further participation in the forum made 95% of students felt even more confident about their choice to pursue a career in science. According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, in the past 12 years the percentage of female students choosing science in colleges has increased by 3.6%.

L’Oréal Taiwan Promoting Women in Science Program exemplifies the United Nations Sustainability Goals (SDGs) 4- Quality Education and 5-Gender Equality.

L’Oréal Taiwan at the award ceremony held at The Grand Hotel in Taipei